A masterpiece thriller about the Crown of the Andes

Blog Tour Ahead

Happy Monday morning here in Le Marche where the weather is about to turn very cold for a bit. Good writing weather! 

I have great news...my book blog tour in mid-January appears to be over-subscribed and thus will extend a couple of days longer than planned. Of course I am thrilled. This means work now. Preparing excerpts, answers to the questions posed. I would like to thank each blogger and reviewer personally because they are doing had work that helps me so much...and all of their readers. There are so many books out there and readers want guidance.

This seems an easy chore but actually, for me, it's daunting. What to offer without spoiling the plot? What would be enjoyable to others, despite my own prejudices? 

And while I'm working on this, the characters are tugging at my shirt. I'm more than halfway through the next book and they talk to me all the time, those characters. Sometimes they are selfish and demanding. They are not amused about the blog tour for the previous book. Well, they have to get over it.

Linda Ferreri