A masterpiece thriller about the Crown of the Andes

Being thankful

Today is Thanksgiving, and I have so much for which to be thankful!  I am sending out into the world here some special thanks first.  To all the people who helped me in my journey with the Crown of the Andes, including one woman who knows who she is...and our special friendship that began almost 25 years ago!  And to my loving husband, and my friends who have encouraged me along the way.  To Bryan and Lucy who toiled through my typographical errors but had the kindness to say that they did love the book!  

For all of the people who have decided to blog about and review this novel in January, 2018, my very deepest thanks. There are so many books out there and readers value your guidance and advice.  I do hope the book lives up to all of your expectations, as I think it will.

And thanks to my professors who taught me well ages ago.  All of that is coming back again in these thrillers that I love writing.   

Linda Ferreri