A masterpiece thriller about the Crown of the Andes


The Crown of the Andes goes missing in this thriller.  That's not a spoiler.  It's at Satterling's Auction House in NYC and then it's not.  But the story is far more complex than that.

My vision of Satterling's is old fashioned, as you will learn when you read the book, or know if you already have.  Rich and waxed walls, crystal chandeliers, seats all lined up facing the stage from which the auctioneer performs a kind of magic like the Wizard of Oz.  Auction houses have a mystery about them, that they enjoy and tout.  

Think about it.  A fabulous object appears in public, for just a few days. Then it is trotted across the stage for a moment in the bright lights, and then it's gone.  Poof!  Maybe never to be seen again in public.  

Linda Ferreri