A masterpiece thriller about the Crown of the Andes

A Plea to and for Indie Bookstores

I published the first novel about the Crown of the Andes, One Sacred Crown, in 2009.   The Matter of the Crown is an exciting sequel of sorts.  Both were self-pubishing experiences for me because, in part, both books emerged at the same time as exciting news about the Crown of the Andes itself.  

Alas, there was a problem that I do hope is going the way of all unfortunate things.  Independent booksellers, which I absolutely adore, don't like selling books that are published on Amazon or other self-publishing platforms.  And for very understandable reasons!   So my books are nearly impossible to find off line.

I hate this because we authors, and readers, need and love and do everything that we can to support our local hard-working book shop owners.  Thank God for every one of them.  Where would the charm of movies like Notting Hill or You've Got Mail be without those fabulous nooks and crannies of lovingly curated books?  And how about the book shops of real life?  I shudder to think.  I think sometimes that I grew up in the stacks of libraries and the corners of book shops.  

But we authors out here work equally hard to produce a really good read. And we would love nothing more than to go to those book shops, present our stories and help the customers have the ultimate experience right there.

So, this is a plea for something good to happen there...poof...off with this problem!

Linda Ferreri