A masterpiece thriller about the Crown of the Andes

Launch a novel

My story with the Crown of the Andes is long and precious, to me and to others.  It gives me great pleasure to relaunch this novel about the great Crown, a work of fiction built around a genuine masterpiece now in the permanent collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I offer thanks to the many people who helped me and the Crown along its journey from the mountains of South America to its new home.  

There will be much more to come about this magnificent object and my connection to it.  The whole story, in the novel and in real life, has been nothing short of astounding.   I hope you enjoy reading the book because I say, with humility, that it will grab and keep you all the way to the end.  Please have a look at the facebook page for the novel where I posted not only some beautiful photographs of the Crown but a grand video released by the Met when it acquired the Crown.